Your own information

If you want access to your own basic information, you can request this information directly from us by making a general enquiry. You do not need to apply under Freedom of Information (FOI) or serve us with a subpoena or notice to produce.

You can also seek access to documents held by us under FOI.

Read further about our FOI

Subpoenas and other notices

Under the disclosure provisions in our legislation, we cannot be required to comply with a subpoena or other notice to disclose official information that relates to someone else or is not already publicly available. 

If we are served with a subpoena ordering us to disclose such information, we will contact the subpoenaing party and the court and explain why we cannot comply.

Before serving us with a subpoena or notice, we encourage you to contact us.

Law enforcement agency requests

  • We can disclose official information to a law enforcement agency if it is:

    • to a law enforcement agency officer that has been designated as an authorised law enforcement agency officer under the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (your law enforcement agency will have details of who is authorised under to make such requests)

    • for the purpose of:

      • investigating a serious offence (being an offence against an Australian law that is punishable by imprisonment for a period exceeding 12 months)

      • enforcing a law, the contravention of which is a serious offence

      • the making of a proceeds of crime order.

Make a law enforcement agency request

The request must clearly identify the requesting authorised law enforcement agency officer and the purpose for which the information is required. Otherwise, we cannot disclose the information.

NSW Police

If you are from the NSW Police, please do not use this form. NSW Police has an internal automated form for making requests to us.

Further information

For further information on law enforcement agency requests please contact us.


Last modified: 12 December 2022