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Professional associations may be accredited by us as a recognised tax agent or BAS agent association if they meet certain requirements in the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2022.

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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which is separate to the TPB, is one of our key stakeholders as they provide registered tax and BAS agents with access to ATO online services.

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The Consultative forum provides us with input and advice in relation to operational matters, particularly draft policy and legislative matters. The forum also provides us with insights and advice on matters related to the tax profession.

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A Board approved course must be undertaken with an approved course provider for it to count towards meeting the education requirements for registration as a tax agent or BAS agent.

Approved course providers include:

  • universities

  • registered training organisations

  • other registered higher education institutions

  • other course providers approved by the Board.

If you are an approved course provider and you are seeking approval of your course as a Board approved course, you should complete and submit one of our course approval request forms.

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We maintain a database of courses and units that meet the requirements for Board approved courses in:

  • Basic accountancy principles

  • Australian taxation law for tax agents

  • Commercial law for tax agents

  • GST/BAS taxation principles

  • Tax Agent Services Act 2009, including the Code of Professional Conduct

  • Australian taxation law for tax (financial) advisers

  • Commercial law for tax (financial) advisers.

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Last modified: 25 October 2022