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Annual report

Our Annual report informs and notifies Parliament, tax practitioners, other stakeholders and the public about our operations and achievements in relation to the tax agent services regime.

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Corporate plan

Our Corporate Plan sets out the Tax Practitioner Board's (TPB) strategic direction for 2023–24 and future years. It reflects our purpose, vision and values, and provides guidance to our people on our priorities.

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TPB Strategic Plan 2021-24

This document outlines our major areas of focus as we transition through the reforms and organisational changes that we expect to come from intentional government reform, evolving challenges to the integrity of the tax system, and both internal and drivers on the TPB as a regulator of the tax profession.

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Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS)

This CRIS provides information on how the TPB will implement partial cost recovery for the processing of applications for registration and renewal of tax and BAS agents. 

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Tax Practitioner Service Charter

The Tax Practitioner Service Charter explains what tax practitioners can expect from us in doing this, and we are committed to following it in all our dealings with tax practitioners.

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Regulator Performance Framework

The Regulator Performance Framework reports provide an overall summary and conclusion on the TPB's performance against the Framework and the Key Performance Indicators outlined in the Framework for the relevant years.

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TPB Gifts and benefits register

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) requires all agency heads to publish a register of gifts and benefits accepted by them valued at over $AUD100 (excluding GST) on the agency’s website.

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APS employee census - TPB results

The Australian Public Service (APS) conducts an annual employee survey to gather data on important issues affecting employees. The results from the 2020 survey are now available.

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TPB biannual research

Our research has focused on the relationship between the TPB, tax practitioners, and consumers of tax practitioner services. It seeks to inform decision-making within the TPB to improve our services and communication of key messages.

Last modified: 4 December 2023